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tv   News 4 Today at 6  NBC  January 13, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EST

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saying goodye. today the first fup real forne of the tson mass shootg victims takesplace. while members of cgress fwraples with security, o pushg a radical idea. good morning. thanks for joining us on "ws 4 today." i'm eun yang. >> i'm j krebs. nothing that would teaten us weatherwise. we're gng to find out from tom kierein what the day will bring. >> these high wds are threatening to me. >> they are chly, downright chilly. >> a the icy stoop is
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threatening. things have frozen solid overneat andt's down into the 20s throughout the entir region. right now 20 in the entire region. windare still guffing around 15, 20 miles an hour. it is a cold thursday ontap. it's only in the teens there. aroundhe bay in the eastern shore, in the 20s. that's now pulling away from the new england coast, but still close enough to us to giv us some blustery ipds with today a winds. still gusty, maybe up to 30 miles an hour through mid to late rning. but a cold day will only briefly be above freezing. sunrise, 7:26. the sunset at 5:08. how's trfic this moing,
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ashley? >> we're sti accident free but you are on the brakes. after rmantown and 118 it unwinds. you continue down the beltway. out of virginia, no big complaints right now. dulles toll road, no big issue. the dles toll road. a lot of wilgle room going on there. as you travel out of virginia. a lot trying to pick up. headed up toward 12 toward the okay qaa kwon. 322 running 20 mines late. the m.a.r.c. line running ten minutes late. >> t first funeral for o of the six killed in the tucn tragy will be held today. 9-year-old christina taylor-green wil be laid to rest this afternoon.
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she was waiting in line to meet the congresswoman giffords. she was born on 9/11, the d of the terroristttacks on the united states. a u.s. fla from the world trade center that withstoodhe collapse o the twin tours will be displayed near her casket. esident obama made young chstina green the main focus of his speech as he challenged all pple to become better people. he delivered an emotional tribute last nigh the president spoke o christina's interest in public service. he said america should strive to live up to her expectations. >> i want america to be as good as she imagined it, all of . we should do everythin we can do to make sure this country ves up to our children's expectations. >> president obama also said he visitethe giffords in the hospital before the memorial
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service and the crowd then cheered when he toldhem that the coresswoman opened her eyes for the first time. here in washington, congress will focusn safety on capitol hill today in light of the tramgy there i tucson. -- it comes after lawmakers have heard the news that the condition ofiffords is apparently improving. "new4"racee wilkins joins us live from capitol hill wh more. good morning, tracee. >> reporter:ood morning, e. a bit of good ns as congress continues to bate. this is gog to be a conversation that continues throughout the week. so far some of the questions raised, should congressmen be ableo carry guns even on the house floor. should security b increased through me fundg. all of these questions are being ked. and these questions are falling along party lines. membs of congress received security briefing for ptection and the democrats and republicans hd separe briefings yesterday.
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during debate on the house floo most d crates argumentatived for ireased fundinghile republicans strongly disagreed. as many as ten lawmakers have suggested that ngress mencaring firearms at all times. a republican tex representative is expected to introde a bill allowin weapons in d.c. incloording on the national house floor. all of this comes when the was a recrept arres of a california man charged wit the suspicion of threatening a washington state u.s. representative. according to fbi spokesman this man allegedly left voice mail threatening to kill representatives due to his stance. i'm tracee wilkins liven capitol ll. >> this morning, some disturbing information about the accused shooter. e college he atnded swed jared lee loughner showed he suered an apparent breakdown 2010. he was incomprehensible bean
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officer,s he face becoming contorted, and this morning we len that a police officer stopped him on the morng for running a red ght. he said he was cordial and forthcoming. the shooting happened less than thre hours later. fire invesgators are trng toing if out what caused a massive blaze in prince george's county. luckil all five people got out of that first house unharm and no one was home in the second use. while you ept, three explosions rockedaghdad. this comess vice president is viting iraq. biden'trooper is the first by top u.s. official since iraq approved a cabinet last month. the vice president's visit wou nter on whether to keep any american troops in the country after the troop withdrawal date, december 31st. iraq's top militar commander
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said he would like the troops to stay until the forces are able to defend the country borders and that may not be uil 2020. well, the aircraft carrier enterprise is heading out without its former commandin officer. the crude sexually theme videos that he showed to second in command. he was relieved of command after the videos became public. hono was permanently removed from the nav for his, quote, profound lack of good jgment duri his stint a executive ficer on the enterprise. the naefb is investigatiis productionnd broadcast of videos showing gay slurs, saors showering together and simulate sex acts. >> who wants to change what your children are eating in scol. also, theext stop for the homeless man who became famous for hisipes and thisne is not quite so amorous.
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and a frigimorning right no
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it's now 6:. it looks ca. it's very cold and windy out ere. a quick littl walk from my car to the buildi, my hands were frozen, my fe is frozen. iearly ran you over. sorry, joe. >> you might want to consider
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wearing a coat and gloves >> that helps. >> you do nee your warme winter gear this morning. it is cold we'll call this brrrsday. weather watchers reporting a f clouds north a west of washingtonnd 1-800-s gus i-- wi gusting 25 to 30 miles an hour. it a huge storm, in fact, still affecting o storms. we'll have a few cuds in and out this morning d sunny this afrnoon. highs above freeng. on friday morng we might get a few flurries. a bit warmer. colder than average with qte a bet of cloudiness both days a look at martin lieu thursday kin day monday, as well as tuesday, wednesda in ten minutes.
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ashl, how's traffic? >> we're hitting thereaks. here's the face on270 south. nortound drivers hitting the brakes aund potomac mills. this has slowed traff by 123. centers the h omt v. we've got a new accident at 29 and centrevie. that was quickly moved over to the shoulder but we've got the test from the visiting center to get beyond it. eastbound drivers heading the brakes. that traffic willake you to the bellway. the rails, the brunswick line, 890 still ten minut late the m.a.c. and vre, 15 minutes late. who received the biggest ovation during the state of the commonwealth speech and i was no the gornor.
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plus it gives new meaning to the big degree. much of the northeast is a blanket of snow. >> pluswo words uttered by
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it's 6:14. this morning there is aot of talk about a term fmer vice-presidential candate sarah palin used in a recent facebook video post. she was responding to critism out an online campaign map that put the disict of congresswoman giffords and others at a krs heirs. palin is catching hea for response to that criticism. melissa mollet is leave with more. >> they're talking about blood lib libel. she claims others areuilty of blood libel. it's come to refer to false accusation but it is rtedn antisem mat sichl. the css hares match that's
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been tald about so much -- drove himo go on a rampage and kill six and injure dozens of others. >> journalists and pundits should not evenourage a blood loobl. at is reprehensible. >>e want to know what you think about palin's comments go. to our facebook paej and tell us what you might thunk. as you can imagine hr use of the term has caught the attenon of many. one says wish wishes she would hav used another phrase. >> melissa mollet i our news room this morning. thank you. this morning george washington is hold an event. the school surprised him last week during halftime of a basketball game.
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they brought back some familr faces from hisast andoday at the school, a breakfast that will include speeches and musicalperformances. virginia's governor bob mcdonnell made a hard sel for a controversy transportation plan at last night's state of t commonalth speech. it's one of many he set for the legislative govement session. he wantshem to borrow $3 milln for road construction, he wants to reform the state's public empyee public penon plan to pick up part of the tab in exchange for a 3%raise. >> almost a quarter of virginians urb roadsre congested. theyow have some of the most congeste roads and lonst commutesn the nation. parent are too oen stuck in traffic when they should be spending precious time with their children. th is unreasonable.
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t help reforms enacted last year. threpublican side of the house chamr rose for a roaring ovation. the democrats sat qutly. happening today, a group of d.c. students will honor dr. martin king juni. they will gather on the steps and recite the famous "i have a dream" speech. th students a from watkins elementary school. >>nd students could soon see major cnges to their school lunches as t agriculture department is expected to announce a proposal to overhaul how kids get their nutritn. among the changes, schoo would have to cut sodium by half, use onlyow grains and sve low fat milk. they'll require mor servings of fruits and vegetables. paying for theood will stretch school budget u but it is nessary to combat the rise in
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childhood obesity. >> folksiving to our nth and ea are degreeing out from theiwinter storm. more than two feet of snow fl in some parts. in massachusetts some downed power lines put 1,000 people in the dark. logan airport did manage t keep a runway open even during the bluzard. w york city got 9 efrinches of snow, but this time plows and plowers werableo keep up with the ld. >> it's cold. >> here a statistic for you. there is now measurab snow on the ground in 49 ou of the ooh states. onlylorida is spared. that means haii has some snow? they do. tom says they do. >> wow. >> a check of airports in the northeasfind all are open. so far vy few flightsnto washinon and dulles and reagan are delay and canceled but
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this're to call ahead. >> reporter:ustralia is dealg with the worst flooding in over 50 years. thousands fled brisbane as raging floodwers rolled into the city today. power has been cut in much of the cy and its suburbs are underwate 12 have died. dozens more are missing. some said it's like a tsunami. the military is searching for those lost and trapped. it left an area larger than france and germany under water. and hawaii undersnow. what's that about? >> that's hard to believe, tom. we know you're the expert. >> mon a kay . it alws has snow, even in the middle of summer. >> well, you didn't knowthat? i knew that. mown a kay ya. >> well, i hear we've got our snow on theground. maryland and virginia. 20s around the rion and it's off totone cold startn this thursday morning due to
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the winds that are still gusting to around 20 to 25 miles an hour. our windchills arin the teens. and the view from space showing a few clos west of washington across areas just we of interstate 95. it's still mostly cloudy and soh and east, though, it's a clear start to this thursday morning but a few clouds will be coming thrgh from time to time this morning, gets some flurries in western pennsylvan. and later today,ore sunshine back and the winds still gusting a bit through midday. then they'll finally settle down by later this afternoon. and again into the low and mid 30s o friday after perhaps a few morning flures. but much lighter winds tomorrow. a bit warme saturday and sunny. for marti luther king day on monday. next sto firm us looks to be rainstorm. looks le some cold chilly rapes on tuesday,rying out wednesday. ashley linder, good morning. how's traffic? >> as you can see here along 270 south we're on the brakes. as you approh 109 and continue
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slow as youake your way through german town. out of viinia, 66 headed in the eastbound direction we had an accident at 2 and centreville. heavy delays do exi from the virginia viting center. here's the paceloser to the capital belty. you are going to hit the brakes here and those delays hit the beltway. u're on the brink leaded to potomac hills. again, newington to springfield. 395 is filli in fast as we approach shirlington. we're dealing with the late. as youan see here, two and across. no big issues greeting you as you ntinue toward the freey. on the rails on bankruptcy wyc. 890, that's still running ten meants late and vre, 15 mutes late. eun andjoe, back to you. >> thanks very enough, ashley. ahead this morning, the news delivered at the memorial for the tucson victims drew a cheer
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for the crowd. plus, we now know who is talking ho the other half o the mega millions jackpot and it ant me or th. ant me or th. >> the homeless m with [ malannouncer ] before he chang the world... tear down this wall. [ male announcer ...or led a nation... i rold reagan do solemnly swear. [ male announcer ] ...or governed a state... you and i ve a rendezvous with destiny. [ male annouer ] ...he inspired our company. with his optimism his belief in innovation, and his entrepreneuriaspirit. [ man ] for genal electric, here is ronald reagan. ♪
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theomeless man became media sention is now headed to rehab. a video camaman discovered him
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on the street. dr. phil mcgraw influencedis decision to help get helpith struggles wi alcohol addiction. he was subpoenaed to testi in a hearing on a possible illegal search. he w the passenger in a car when a deputyull over a woman in may and accused her of drug abuse. well, we stillaven't seen her yet but an idaho woman has claimed the other half of the $380 million ma million jackpot prize. holllahti produced the ticket tuesday. she's 29 yrs old, a mother of two and a former bank worker, she quit her jobn nday. she will split the squopd large largest lottery. she wasn't on hand for the announcent of her win. she's asked for privacy until she's ready to introduce herself to the public she's got a lot to think about. >> she was seen walng out the
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door say, well, lahti . police identify a pson they say was murdered over drugs. what the mother is saying this morning. what they' going to do
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what congsswoman gabrielle giffds did that drew a cheer from a crowd that gathered at memorial in tucson. i'm joe krebs. >> i'm up yang. it's thursday, january 13, 2011. we know sunrises still an hour away at least look at that beautiful horizon. cold, cold, cold thoh and windy, too. tom'here with the latest. >> we've turned the corner. e sun coming up a minute earlier. oh, a whole minute. all right. >> t first light of dawn showing up behind us. right now we do have a mostly clear sky sou and east of us, it's cold down into the 2s througho the about tire reon and the windchills are ithe teens. we had wind gusts to 25 to around 25 to 30 miles appour from time to time especially out in t motains. it's cold tre too, jt in the
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teens. ey had sno in maryland. they could get more later today, all coming from this huge storm that slaed new england. we're beingffected by it. hee were are 0 miles away from the storm but the winds are still whipping us this morning from that very deep aa of low essure that's now pushing dp of new england. their troubles are another over. it's very heavy wet snow a they have per outages and strong wds there and the counti, winter storm warning for the day. they may get another three to four inches on top of what fell yesterday. windy for and we'll have t morning clouds breaking up. sunshine. highs reaching the low and mid 30s this afteoon. nrise is 7:26. sunrise will be at 5:08. sunset is getting later too. as we take a lookt traffic, here's ashley linder. >> outer loop, a disabled vecle out at colesville. u'll see it prior to the overss there.
6:32 am
th's causing delays back to college park. exct some congestion there. elsewhere along the i-95 corridor fillingn fast. northbound drivers hitting the brakes. th will kick after your delays. along 39 it's starting to get heavy into shirlington. after that no problems to the 14th seet bridge. if you're traveling around the area, we're gotn a couple of issues around virginia. we've got water main work going on. that's north of route 50. we get one lane each way that's staying to the rht to get by. now out of the district we're getting word of a new overtued vehicle. at's going to be 16th at ving. southbound is not going to be getting by for long 890 is ten minutes late. # 22 on the vr eun and joe, bac to you. >> thanks very much. >> now to the tragedy in tucson. th president is back in washinon after speaking at a
6:33 am
service lt night that honored victims of the massshooting. he delivered an emotional trute at theniversity of arizona. after days of greeshing the 26,000 cheeredor heros of the tragedy. th gave daniel hernandez a standing ovation. he'she congressionalntern who rushed to help congrswoman giffordsfter she had been shot in the head. they cheered when president obama shared theatest on giffords' coition. >> right after w went to visit, a few minutes after we left her room and some of her colleagues we -- and congress were in the room, gabby opened her eyes for the fefrt time. gabby opened her eyes forhe first time. >> theresident urged americans to talk to each other, quote, in a way that heals, not in a way that wound congres has put off official business until next week due to the tragedy in tucson. today lawmakers are focusing on their n security and it comes after the arrest of a calornia
6:34 am
ma according to "the new york times," authoritying believee threated to kill a congressman from washiton state. traceeilkins joins us live with the latest. good morning to you. >> good morning, eun. it appears there's more and more reason for people to be concerned about tir own security. the debate has already begun and there are ls of questions. should congressmene allowed to carry guns en on the house or should fding be increased to help protectlawmakers? these questions were asked an they fl pretty much along partylines. members of cgress received security options. yesterdayemocrats had one briefing. the republicans had another. during debates on the house floor, most democrats argued for increased funding while republicans strony disagreed. as many asen lawmakers have reportedly suggested congressn carry firearms at a times. the republican's representative
6:35 am
is expected to produce a bill regarding weapons in d.c. >> gun alonere not the answer. more cops alone is not the answer. >> reporter: now, as we mentioned, there was a california man who was arrested, an he is suspected of threat ping u.s. representative om washington state. this man allegedly lt voice mail saying h wanted to kil this represeative because of his position on cutting taxes. i'm tracee wilkins, live on capitol hill. back to y in the studio. >> thank you. aemorial service will be held tomorrow for a local lobbyist found de in her burning suv. they're investigating ashley turton's deh. investigats are looking into a number of possibilities inuding a vehicle malfunion, a medical indiapolis accident and theossibility thatome flammable liquids were in the gage. for now it's beingalled a tragic accident.
6:36 am
tort police chief mark magaw will meet. ey've had 13 homicides this year. many of them happenedlose to the d.c. line. the medical examiner decled the oath death of aoman whose bodyas found last ek to 13. the homicides so far ts year, none of the vicms were targeted and six of the crimes re drug related some of far three arres have been made. police in prince orge's county hav yet another shooting on their hand. occred in 26900 block o cherrywood lane. police say the man was shot in the head. he was taken to the prince george's trauma cenr where 's undergoingreat this morning. anpolice have identifie the university of maryland stay tuned who was sho to death on tuesday. 22-year-old justi dha overcash was shot in the 8800 block in adelphi. he was pronounced dead in an
6:37 am
area hospital. they found enough marijuana on himith intent to distribute and the shooting appears to be related to his involvement in sellingdrugs. his mother said he was n an angel and may have ended up in a d situation. but ss this should not define him. >> nearly fe years after a fairfax county policofficer shot and killed a man, the county has agreed to settle. fairfax count will pay $2 million to the family of vasa tore cusi. they went to arrest him for el legal gamb. deval bullock said he accidentally fired his weapon when his suv door burned him. culoci's family ss he intended fire his gun and no vehicle was nearby. t's check in with meredit
6:38 am
vieira to see what there working on. >> coming up on a thursday morning on "today," president obama's emotional address at last ght's public memorial, including news that gabrielle giffords' eyes have n opened so ahead former house speaker tom delay speaks out inn exclusive live intervw, his fit since being sentenced to three years o a money laundeng conviction. plus new details by ted willms. he's checking into rehab. that's when we get started on a thursday mning right here on todd. back t you, joe. >> busy morning. thanks very much. >> it is now 6:38. why you may sn see corporate sponsors popping up at one local parks and ildings. plus what parks and buildings are dock to keep a formerir force official private. >> and next, bone-chilling cold this morning. yo weather and traffic are up ne. stay with us.
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>>cold start to this thursday morning. good morning. i'm meteologist tom kierein. now at 6:41 it's 2 at reagan national. low and mid-20s. ar lengthton, fairfax and
6:42 am
montgomery coun. and rural areas reportingn the low 20s. windchills are just in the tee as winds are gusting 20 to 25 miles an hour all comg from that big storm that hit new engld. and here we're still feeling the winds from that system. we've got a few cuds coming throughhis morning and ler today, sunshine. winds will diminish by later this afteoon. highs near mid-30s. in t morning we might have a few flurries. afrnoon sunshine. highs reaching mi30s. a bitarmer saturday andsunny. a look at martin luther king d tuesday and wednesday of next week. ashley, good morning. how's our traffic? >> let's start out on 66 where we had a accident. we've moved over to the shoulder. still heavy from biness 234. then you're going to slow again from 50 out toward 123. as you can see he in camera shots this is the pe on the en sh of 56 passing 50 toward the beltway. wells where around the region as
6:43 am
we traveleaded northbound you've got company as you mak your wayp toward wington. those dels unfornately do continue along 395 north through shir lengthton. if you're traveling through virginiaings you'vebout got a problem. north of route 50 on annandale ad right at jefferson, stay to the right each way and also 16th atirving. sohbound drivers are going to be detoured on 410. that due to an overturned vehicle. on the reals, 2 is running ten minutes late as is 890 and 322 on the vre is running back up to speed. >> 6:43. ahead this morng, a jarring number in the foreclosure epidemic in the u.s. >> also the state of the commonwealth turned into report on the roa in virginia. >> and next, why you may either have to grab your shovel or your wallet if you live id.c.
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well, the next winter storm could be a costly one. a member of the district council proposing changes in the rus for shoveling sidewalk. they'rgoing to introduce bi fining residents $25 if they don't clear sidewalks wiin eight hours at the end of a snowfa. business could be fined $250. current law already requires shling within 8 hours but if a resident doesn't do it, the city does and must sue the resident for the cost. the attorney general for delawareas ordered search warrants to be kept underseal. whler's body was discovered at a landfill on december 31st. the warrant includes srches of his car and cellhone. prosecutors say that disclosure of the warrants would cpromise the investigatn. the sister of a murdered dancer from marylands now
6:47 am
apologizing for her emotional courtroom outburst. >> i hope you rot in hell. i hope you rot in hell. >> that is seceleste flores-narvaez. her ster, debor flor flores-narvaez was found strangled, dismeened and encased in cement. >>a lot of tax dollars are being set asideo improve transportation aad of an influx of feder employees. the alexandria city kouj approved $600,00to reha bill tate buses. they'll be used asxpress buses to run between t express cent and the complex. more than3,00employees are being relocated to that center.
6:48 am
they appved the money continnt upon being reimbursed by the departmentf defense. a group of d.c. students will honor dr. martin luther king jr. they'll gather on the steps of the len come memorial and recite theamous "i have a dream" speech. t city of gaithersburg might use the power of teasing to help itsudget bales. the city is considering sellinging names rights to some of its facilits to raise money. some city eves may also get coorate sponsorship. city leaders say they will not do business with tobacco, alcohol, or fire arms companies. guy thu critics wry that corporate sponsor shs could take over and places and events could lose their mning. >> new this morning a stunning number in the fight to keep americans in their hos. cnbc courtney reagan joins us live with mor on this story. good morning to you. >> it's cole. >> cole, sorry.
6:49 am
>> no, that's fine. banks seized more tn a million banks despite the last slowdown. a lot of questions about how ey're processinthese foreclosures. for compariso in 2005 before the housing bust, banksnly took over about 100,000 homes. ta about five biggies. californ, flora, arizona, illinois, and michiga accounting for more than half of the foreclosure tevt. we're watching ailot program today to deliverax refunds via prepaid debit card. the effort could cost the idea paper checks to be any any glejable. inviting them to actate these cards. they can aept direct deposits. they can u the cards to pay bells, cash go shoing with no fees. it's great news for the consumer this morning.
6:50 am
back to you. >> sounds convenient. nicole lapin. thanks so much. have a great day. >>ou're welcome. mama, don't let your babies ow up to be cowboys, they might get lassoed by the local sheriff. they go put on chaps a a hat and drove dow like the wild, wild west. they wereold to walk the you back line. theyere arrest and charged. they apparently had been drinking some andhe animals were impounded. >> the man who produced it said it's t texas o-step if you know what i mean. do youhink that was their own horse and mule or did the find the horse a mule? >> n allegations of stolen rses. we have to -- >> all kinds of stuff happening down theren texas. >> i think there rocking horses. tom, tell us about t forecast. it blustery cold out there? >> yeah, it is. we've had the winds whipping through there that pounded new
6:51 am
england. yes, 500 miles away from us and we're ill feeling the effects of that here this morning. right now looking outside. ere's the predawn glow. gorgeousurquoise and peach sunrise under way over the icebound potomac river. right now at reagan avenue there in the foreground it's 27 grees. tallied up to 3 1/2 edges. that's about an nch to below average to date. ase look at the teeratures. everything that was melting a little bit yesterday is froze right back uphis morning so watch out for slick spots on any unshuvled stepsnd sidewal and temperatures low andid 20s. now, the winds tha are gusting up to 25 miles an hour, bringing or windchill down into the teens in mt locations and as we look at the temperares inestern maryland, west virginia it's frigid. now, over the last 12 hours that big storm that did pound new england, up to 0ufrms of snow
6:52 am
in connecticut, they had -mile-an-hour nds. anwhile these counties under a winter storm warning. lake-effectnows there. they could pick up ather three to four inches onop ofhat fell there yesterday. students at the bus stop. you need to layer up. that inclung you at the sterng elementary school. i'm looking forward to that. later this afternoon we'll be into the low t mid 30s with the winds beginning to dinish. a clear night tonight. will be i the 20s. might have some flurries with clouds around. it will be near 20. during thefternoon, mid-30s. saturday and sunday, ss bot days and for martin luther king day, cloudy. might get rain on tuesday. ashley, how's traffic? >> starting you o out of maryland, you'll see a dabled vehicle. this will kick off your delays from109. passing true truck sles and
6:53 am
continuing down into german town. also o of maryland along 16th heed in the southbound direction. weave reports of a new accident and southbod at irvingust out of northwest. all sohbound lanes of 16th are currently blocked. here's the case on i-95 as you travel in thnorthbound direction, bit of congestion there. look at that. you're goingo hit the brakes from springfield through shirlington and up toward king. after that the pace started to up wind and no big delays by the ntagon. as we travel the rea this rning we do have one that is cuently late. brungs wig line. 892. at is running ten minutes te. eun, back to you. >> thanks so much, ashley. it's aood bit that you'll leavthe house and sit in affic. governor monnell is making a hard sell to snd # billion for road construction and h made s pitch during the state of
6:54 am
the commonalth. megan mcgrath joi us live wit more. megan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, eun. we're down along the i-95 corridor you can see things i the inbound direction starting slow down. not usual, of course. and transportation i a huge issue in the state o virginia. d last night during a speech governor bob mcdonnell expressed road improvement. t just to alleviate traff congestionut to create jobs. in the lon runt will also ve the state money. he made his case during the state of the commonwealth address. he wants to borrow $3 billion worth of road construction. it would ilude hov hot lan on i-95 and the widening of i-66. mcdonnell says now is the time interest rates are at extremely historic low points rht now and nstruction companies are
6:55 am
cong in with very competitive ds. >> let me be as emphatic as i can about w this is fiscally prudent to accelerate these bonds for all of us now. interest rates are at all-time lows. construction bidsreoming in at the lowest rates in t morn era. issuing these bondi will sab us over $22 million in interest payments alone. >> reporter: and t governor says for every $100 million spent on road cotruction. 3,000 jobs would be created. but, again, a lotf lawmakers. it's going to be a tough sell for them. ey don't wasn't to see any additional bargaining. pack to you. >> thank you. at 6:55. melissa mollet is inhe news room with more on the top stories. >>good morning, joe. president obamdelivered an emotional tribute during a memorial service at the unersity of arizona in tucson. during the speech he challenged all americans to bece better pele. when he told the crowd that
6:56 am
injured correct me if'm wrongwoman gabrile giffords open her eyes for the very first time, eveone cheed. in the wake of last weekend's shootings song congress members twoonlt carry their own gun. capitol police urged lawmakers to use officers to patrol the events instead. and prince george's county has seen 13 homicides inhe first 13 days of the year. tonigh the cnty police chief plans to meet with residts about the recent state of violence. that meeting wil held at 7:00 p.m. at district five headquarters in clinton. that's a look at theop stories. joe and eun, back to you. >> let's hr from tom with the out-the-door forecast. >>t's a cold morning. around 20s toear 30. we've got wins gusting 20 to 25 miles an hour. windchills in e teens. we'lhave clouds in and out this morning but lots of sunshine with highs briefly touching a little bit above freezing. still cold. a bit warmer or the weekend.
6:57 am
highsear 40 saturday and sunday. ashley, how's traffic? >> from the potomac mil sign, lorton to springfield, you're on the brakes. 're looking at delays off bellway up to ke. here's the pacehrough irlington and then as you approach the 14 street bridge you're back on the brakes again. joe and eun, back to you. >>hanks very much. >> that is "news 4 today." thank you fortarting with us. >> we'll be back here torrow morning at 4:30. hope y join us then. until then, have a great day. 'll see you tomorrow. >> bye.
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